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Sample Employee Termination Letter


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Free Sample Employee Termination Letter

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Firing an employee is a difficult task that no one enjoys having to do. However, there are ways to make this personnel issue go smoothly. Having a collection of sample employee termination letter templates readily available can make the termination process easier for the business owner or Human Resource Manager. Make sure you can adapt the templates you collect to handle the most common causes for employee termination.

Any termination letter should clearly state the exact reason for termination. It also should document any measures taken to resolve the problem before firing became the only alternative. For example, if the employee produced poor quality work, the manager should have documented employee counseling sessions or written warnings. You should refer to these in the termination letter.

Therefore each termination letter is unique. However you can make your job easier by using a basic template and adjusting it to fit each termination. Not only does it make the firing go more smoothly, but the template sample employee termination letter removes the person writing the letter emotionally from the firing. This reduces mistakes and ensures the letter includes all relevant details.

Sample Employee Termination Letter for Poor Work Quality

Here is one sample letter you might use when firing an employee for poor work quality. The manager repeatedly counseled this employee about their work quality and gave them written warnings. These warnings told the worker if he or she did not improve the quality of work quality the result was termination of employment:

Dear (Employee's Name):

I must inform you that after (number) work quality counseling sessions with company management and (number) written warning letters about your poor work quality, there has not been an acceptable improvement evident in your work. As we discussed on (date), you had to improve your work quality by (date) to justify continued employment with this organization. The (company name) has tried to work with you in every way possible to develop your work skills and to meet our quality production needs. However it has become evident that your work quality is not up to the standards required of our employees in the position you were hired to perform.

This leaves me with no choice but to tell you that your employment is terminated effective immediately. Please return all company property to (location) including your employee access badge.

(Here you will also want to note any employee benefits the employee will receive. This should include a conversation of severance pay, health benefit expiration dates, and processing of the final paycheck).


Signature of HR manager or business owner

Next Step: Get rid of your difficult employee once and for all

Employment Termination

At any given time during a business day, throughout the United States employers are calling wayward employees into their office to give them the ax, the heave hoe, the old pink slip. What leads up to employment termination can vary from company to company and scenario to scenario. As a business owner or human resource personnel, you must find your threshold then decide a course of action for what some believe to be the “hardest” part of the job—firing the unwanted employee.

Finding the right time and method of breaking the news to the employee, who may be underperforming, presents the most difficult obstacle. Many business owners put off the inevitable by fantasizing the employee will get better with time, or the reprimands and written notices will eventually do their job and the message will get through. But how long is too long to wait? Can you immediately replace an employee who constantly underperforms? Would the new blood in the work environment help speed up production, help uplift the morale of the entire business? Maybe so, and maybe not.

Employment Termination Missteps and Obstacles

Before bringing in the employee to your office, jot down a few notes to think about why you should terminate the employee. By answering a few questions, you can develop a decisive, short speech to give the employee, which will help relieve any turmoil afterwards and give insight into why you are terminating them.

* What problems has the employee caused?
* Are there specific policies the employee has broken?
* Have you warned the employee?
* Have you taken other measures to bring back the employee within good standing?
* Are there legal considerations to keep in mind?


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